Bigfoot Willow

Fast Growing Trees

Wood Product Uses for the Bigfoot Willow Hybrid

The Bigfoot Hybrid Willow can also be used for its wood. It can be used for firewood, mulch, lumber, pulp, and as a biomass crop.

As a fast-growing firewood crop, it will be able to create more BTUs per an acre in a shorter time frame than most other trees. This will give you a readily supply of wood to burn. The negative is that individually as firewood, it is fast-burning and low in BTUs. I would suggest if you made a firewood plantation for your winter heating needs, that you use something like the Bigfoot Hybrid Willow along with black locust, which burns longer.

As a biomass crop, these fast growing trees will become more popular as more and more acres are converted into permanent energy crops. Lumber and pulp are a couple other products that these hybrid willow trees can create. Lumber would have similar properties of other willow, so it would have some use for special applications.

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