Bigfoot Willow

Fast Growing Trees

Using the Bigfoot Willow Hybrid for the Environment

Since the Bigfoot Willow Hybrid grows so fast, it works as a carbon sink, while it creates vast amounts of oxygen. The leaves scrub the air and act to help control pollution, while the roots can act as phytoremediation, scrubbing the soil of toxins. Also, excess nitrogen in the soil can be quickly put to use by the Bigfoot Hybrid Willow with its hungry appetite.

A very common purpose for this hybrid willow is to use them near hog, cattle, and other type of confinements that deal with odor problems. Studies have shown that it helps mitigate some of the odor created by these operations. Also, this willow hybrid will help screen the operation, so it is visibly attractive.

The Bigfoot Hybrid Willow is nontoxic, so wildlife and domestic animals can benefit from eating these nutritious fast growing trees. Either grown in a rotational system, where animals are allowed to eat it aggressively, and then have the ability to fence them out for a while, or pruning off growth, and directly feeding the animals works well. But if continuously grazed, the Bigfoot Willow Hybrid would die.

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Fast Growing Trees