Bigfoot Willow

Fast Growing Trees

Bigfoot Willow Hybrid as a Shade Tree

If you need some fast growing trees for shade, there isn't a better option than the Bigfoot Willow Hybrid. Depending on how much space you have, it is usually best to first plant a fast growing tree for shade such as a Bigfoot Hybrid Willow. In the long-term, slower-growing, longer-lived trees that take at least a couple decades to grow can also be planted.

When people have storm damage and lose a lot of their 'legacy' trees, they can plant the fast growing Bigfoot Willow Hybrid tree and the tree will burst into action, creating shade in a hurry for the property owner that would otherwise have nothing.

The Bigfoot Hybrid Willow can also work well when making a shade garden, creating shade for your plants practically in an instant compared to other shade tree options.

Considering if person wanted a hammock, they could plant a couple of these Bigfoot Willow Hybrids close together, and would have the perfect spot, living out their dream.

The only disadvantage for shade is that the Bigfoot Hybrid Willow gets large, so should never be planted on a tiny lot, or planted close to a house. Most literature recommends planting large trees at least 40 feet away from their house.