Bigfoot Willow

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Misc. Uses for the Bigfoot Hybrid Willow

Planting the Bigfoot Hybrid Willow stakes and letting them grow into living posts is a possibility. They would be firmly anchored in the ground with their root system and would not pollute the ground like most treated posts that have chemicals leach through the soil. One would want to actively pollard them each spring, cutting the top growth, essentially a haircut, to keep the tree at a certain height and diameter.

Hybrid willows are well known to have a high water content and not as flammable as other trees, such as pines. So they would work more efficiently than other trees as a firebreak. And since the Bigfoot Willow Hybrid is more adaptable than any other willow in various conditions and is a fast growing tree, they would work the best. They may not completely stop a fire, but when dealing with fires, every second counts, and this willow hybrid is here to serve you.

A lot of sportsmen will use the Bigfoot Hybrid Willow to create fast wildlife habitat, and may also plant some close together and weave and interlock them, creating a living hunting blind.

The Bigfoot Willow Hybrid can have some entertainment value, via what can be created because of its fast growth. One can cut off hiking staffs, play swords, and create youthful fun, such as making a tipi out of a bunch of the sticks. For a bigger project, a tree house in the tree would be great. The Bigfoot Willow Hybrids are fast growing trees, so that you can always have a supply to do many other projects and games with. One could even use a lot of these and create a mini maze or paintball course out of them. These are some of the simpler ways people enjoy this specific willow hybrid.

Misc Uses

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