Bigfoot Willow

Fast Growing Trees

Using the Bigfoot Hybrid Willow for Erosion Control

A common use of the Bigfoot Willow Hybrid is for erosion control. This hybrid willow feels perfectly at home near waterways and grows quickly, so the roots bind the soil together, to make a firm foundation. They can be used as buffer strips along crop fields. Planting these willow hybrid trees for this application should be easy, just push the stake cuttings into the moist ground. They will take off easy and with excess moisture and be well on their way to effectively holding the soil together. While at the same time providing much needed wildlife habitat. Also, along farm fields, Bigfoot Willow Hybrids can be used as field breaks, to reduce wind and reduce loss of soil that can blow away.

Water absorption is one of the unique uses of the Bigfoot Hybrid Willow and can be used effectively in the right situations. If you have areas that are unreasonably wet after snowmelt, rain, etc., plant these fast growing trees to help absorb the moisture. With helping to dry out the area, you will have fewer problems with mosquitos and also have the ability to enjoy sitting under the shade of this massive hybrid willow.

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