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Creating Windbreaks With The Bigfoot Hybrid Willow

Using Bigfoot Willow Hybrids for a windbreak can be a smart option. This specific hybrid willow is deciduous, but it has a lot of fine branches that help stop wind and planting them close will help create the desired density. If planting one row, these fast growing trees should be spaced 3ft apart. If two rows or more, it is best if the rows are staggered, at 5ft apart. There are three main reasons a person would want to use Bigfoot Hybrid Willows for this use.

  1. When creating a new windbreak of evergreens, it is good option to plant a row or two of these fast growing trees to fill the role as a windbreak, while the slower-growing evergreens take a couple decades to fulfill their purpose.

  2. When there is only room for one row of trees for a windbreak or if soil limits the ability to use evergreens. Then Bigfoot Willow Hybrid may be the best fit for that particular spot and help stop the wind.

  3. When a windbreak is dying out, whether its evergreens that have become diseased, old trees at the end of their life, or storms have destroyed it, the Bigfoot Hybrid Willow can quickly make the bare spots full again, helping your windbreak continue its desired function.

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There can be two other desirable functions that a Bigfoot Willow Hybrid windbreak can create.

  1. The fast growing tree works as a living snow fence, stopping snow from drifting into undesirable areas.
  2. If the windbreak is planted along gravel/dirt roads or along farm fields, this hybrid willow can work as a good dust barrier.

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