Bigfoot Willow

Propagation Of The Bigfoot Hybrid Willow

The Bigfoot Willow Hybrid, the specific hybrid willow I have been talking about on this site, is a clone. Which means it is asexually propagated by rooting woody material, rather than sexually propagated via seeds.

It is accomplished by cutting off a branch and sticking it in moist soil. It roots and leaves out pretty fast, creating a new tree. Typically, the smaller the branch used, the more care it is going to need to get going, thus any neglect can quickly extinguish it.

So I offer cuttings that are large enough that the success rate should be 100%.

You will not have to buy any rooting hormones when starting this specific hybrid willow from a cutting. It has its own potent, natural rooting hormones in its DNA; therefore, you can even grow large cuttings into fast growing trees.

Oftentimes I've been asked about offering rooted Bigfoot Hybrid Willows, but offering my large cuttings has more advantages.

When transplanting a tree, the feeder roots are destroyed, thus a rooted plant you buy has to grow those roots again (it's why most tree species suffer transplant shock). So a cutting and a rooted willow hybrid will be at the same starting point when planted.

But by being able to offer large Bigfoot Willow Hybrid cuttings, their energy is in their stem; therefore, they are able to produce roots and top growth faster than the alternative.

Cuttings of the Bigfoot Hybrid Willow are also easier to pick up, ship, and plant, without having to worry about drying roots and special care they need. Also, unlike when planting potted and bareroot plants, there is not a risk of girdling roots.

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